20's Plenty for Onslow


Facts & Briefings

Fact sheets and briefing are available on a wide range of topics connected with 20mph limits on our national site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm

Slower Speeds means Safer Streets.


Children and Families are big winners with slower speeds.

Slower Speeds means more walkers, safer cycling, and healthier families.  

Driving is obviously a neccesity, but with slower speeds all road users will feel more comforatble walking and cycling.

Driving at 20mph only adds 40 seconds to the average car journey,  but definately will save lives.


Inapprorite speeds are driven in Onslow Village. Sometimes this is early in the morning and sometimes late at night, quite often it is parents bringing children to and from school and to local clubs. There is no group of road users who is excempt, but by having 20mph all road users shoud be more considerate when driving.


Onslow Village can expect more traffic as both local infant and junior schools expand.


Onslow Village is part of a Conservation Area, as such Guildford Borough Council ("GBC")  is proactive in the management of the conservation area and in implementing general environmental improvements. Helping to regulate speed limits is one very simple, cost effective environmental improvement.


Guildford Borough Council is also currently involved in a massive public consultation that should keep Guildford and it surrounds at the forefront of future investment with the associated job opportunities, this should bring.  Whatever plans are made at the end of GBC's consultation period we  should reasonably expect more traffic within Onslow Village, but at 20mph movement through and within Onslow Village will at the very least be safer.